Available Weims

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Hello, my name is Molly and I’m an eight-year-old Weimaraner. I was rescued in May with one of my pups and my male mate. I have been used for breeding but am now spayed. My tail was docked very short and I had very little human interaction and no exercise. Because of this, I was a short, big girl-but things have changed. I have lost 30+ pounds since I came to my foster home and feel so much better! I am finally playing, as a Weim should. I’m parasite free and on heartworm preventative. All of my vet care is up to date.

Since I have lost weight and have had a chance to exercise, my back has become straighter and my belly muscles are helping get my Weimie figure back. I am still saggy in the belly area, but what old girl isn’t? I absolutely love my treats but need to stick with the veggies-carrots, green beans, etc. to watch my weight.

I love attention from both big and little humans. I love my bed and favorite chair, and sleep much of the time. I will want to lay in your lap (and get my way, hehe!). I also like to trot and explore. I love to go on car and truck rides. I really like to hunt, and I am relentless when I’m on a scent trail. I love going to the pond and creek to explore and swim. I also like rolling in mud, manure, and dead animals that I find in the woods and digging. Because of this I often get baths that I hate-I’ll take disposable dog or horse wipes to clean me up anyday! I like trash cans and can’t resist getting into them so it will be best that the trash can is behind closed doors at my forever home.

I’ve learned a lot since I came to my foster home. I’m officially potty trained. I sit and stay when I’m told in the house, (not so much outdoors where there are things to do but I am good about coming to you when called). I have never been left alone inside the house except with the other Weims. I’m not a chewer and haven’t destroyed anything in the house. I still am improving on the leash.

My foster parents tell me that I’m a good and loving girl. It would be best that I live as an only dog with no other animals-I get fussy with the others. I don’t like cats and other critters; I will do my best to get them regardless of where they are.

I lived in horrible conditions until I was rescued. I would like to be adopted by a family who lives in the country or has a large, fenced yard for me to explore. I want to be the center of attention and I will love you forever. Thank you for reading my bio and I hope to see you soon. I know there is a family out there for me and I am waiting patiently so I can live the rest of my life with them. 

If you are interested in me, please go to www.louisvilleweimrescue.com to complete an adoption application and one of the LWR volunteers will be with you soon.

Sincerely, Ms. Molly



Hello, my name is Kenzie. I am estimated to be 5-6 years of age. I am an 80 lbs, gray female who is spayed, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, heartworm negative and on prevention. My foster Mom thinks that I look like I’ve had a hard life. Of course, I think I’m beautiful and I have left the past behind. I was left alone in my home after my previous owner went to pokey. I hear that it wasn’t a good house to be in. A nice neighbor asked a lady in town who rescues Golden Retrievers, if she could come get me. She contacted LWR and here I am. My foster family says I am a “unicorn” Weim. I get along with everyone and everything. I love when the little grandson comes to visit. I get so excited. My foster family has cats, chickens, sheep, and goats. There are also five other big fur dog friends here. We get along fine. I like to lounge around on the couch like I’m a queen. I also love for my humans to love on me. I do moan a lot but I’m not hurting, just wanting some love. My foster Mom says I’m quite vocal. I bark at things that come up on the front porch when I can see them through the screen door. Sometimes there is nothing there, but the other dogs bark, so I join. I do have arthritis in my hips and some in my back. But I take some supplements and they are helping. I love meal time and I’ve never shown any aggression. I have a couple skin tags that the vet wants to keep an eye on. I hear my foster Mom tell people that I am the easiest dog ever. I’m never in the way and I don’t expect much other than food, water and love. I don’t chew things, and I am housebroke. If you’re looking for a furry couch potato I’m your girl (you can call me queen). If you can open your home up to me I promise you won’t regret it. I am no trouble at all. Thank you for considering and hope to see you soon!



Hello, my name is Nora. I am a 3-year-old, gray, female Weimaraner. I arrived at my LWR foster home in March. I am spayed, up to date with vaccines, heartworm negative and started on prevention, microchipped and in good health. I came to the rescue with my father (Hershel) and my mom (Sasha). I did not live indoors at my original home because my human Mom was really sick and couldn’t be around us. I didn’t have much human interaction, but my human Dad did the best he could while working and taking care of our human Mom. My foster parents say that I am very sweet, but terribly shy. For the first few days in my foster home, I would not come near my foster parents. It took me some time to learn to trust them. Now I love to cuddle with my foster Dad while he watches TV and I follow him everywhere he goes. However, I am not quite there yet with my foster Mom, but she is slowly winning me over with delicious treats.I have become very attached to my foster Dad and get very excited when he comes home from work. My full tail wags and I dance around close to him but even then, I will only let him pet me if he does not lean over top of me. This scares me. Once he sits down, I will plant myself right next to him and roll over for belly rubs. I have even started giving kisses now and then. When I arrived at my foster home, I feared my foster parents, the TV, opening/closing doors, appliance noises, neighborhood noises, and many other things. Everything was so new to me. I have made a lot of progress but still get startled easily. Even with people I know, I need to come to them for attention, not the other way around. If they try to come to me, I get scared and run away. When I do get scared my reaction is always to either run and hide or flop down and freeze. I have not shown any signs of aggression. My foster parents have four other dogs. I enjoy being part of the pack and get along fine with all of them. I love to join in with them when they bark or howl and run around the yard. I will need to beseparated from the other dogs to eat as I love my food and do not want anyone else trying to get it. For my forever home I need to find someone with plenty of patience. With everything being new to me I am still working on basic things. If I have access to outside, I always do my business there but if I can’t get out on my own, I am still learning to let someone know I need out to do my business. I really don’t understand this leash thing at all. I have made some progress but often when I am connected to it, I get scared. I try to run but when I realize I can’t get away because of the leash I tend to flop down and become a sack of potatoes. It will take time, but I promise I will be a good girl and a forever friend. Please remember I am 3 years old so it will take me longer than a few months to catch on to everything. I will need a forever home with at least one dog, but no cats. I also will need a home without a lot of chaos so with that being said it should be with no children under 10 years old. I will also need a fenced in yard. My foster parents can tell I have a lot of love to give. It will just take me some time to learn to be comfortable around people and not be so afraid. My foster Mom and Dad believe that I will be a wonderful member of a family that gives me the love and patience I need to get over my fears. Is that you? I know you are out there, and I am here waiting for you. Applications for Nora may be submitted on our website. You will receive a confirmation within 24 hrs. ***Fill in ALL response blanks!



If you are looking for a girl who is almost perfect, you have found one!  My name is Daisy, and I am reported to be 9 years old.  I am a very energetic 9-year-old and my foster Mom calls me one of her best foster dogs ever.  I’m on the smaller size, weighing about 50 pounds.  I have a white blaze on my chest, and I still have my full tail. 

My back story is a little tragic.  My Dad passed away and my Granddad took me in to give me a home. Unfortunately, a dog in the household would randomly attack me. Being submissive, I just let the dog beat me up.  My aunt contacted LWR and asked if I could come into rescue.  When I arrived at the vet, I was a bit of a mess.  I had bite wounds, both old and new, and my ears were so infected that I screamed when the vet tried to touch them.  At some point I had an untreated hematoma, so my left ear is crinkled. I also lost my hair.  

I am very grateful to my aunt for contacting LWR and extra grateful for all the care everyone has given me.  The vet sedated me and put medicine in my ears and now my foster mom can rub them all she wants, and I really like it!  I am also on medicine to help my skin and coat.  I think my hair is coming back in but it’s hard to tell because it’s so short.  I was also spayed and given all my vaccines.  I’m heartworm negative and on monthly prevention for heartworm, ticks, and fleas.  

My foster mom says I have the best personality.  I’m very loving, and I especially love MEN.  When my foster dad comes home, I can’t get close enough to him.  He will be on the sofa watching TV and I just want to hug him so bad.  I put my paws around him and place my head on his chest.  I think he’s the best thing EVER.  If I had to choose, I would really like for there to be a man in my forever home who will find me as special as I find him and we can be best buddies.

When I arrived at my foster home, I found out that I was going to be living with 2 small dogs and 1 medium-sized dog.  The small dogs are 4 years old, and the medium dog is almost one year.  The one-year-old really likes to play.  I don’t think I had ever played with a dog before. She has been teaching me how much fun a dog friend can be.  She is very gentle with me and will even give me kisses.  So, if there is another dog in your home, please make sure that it is a gentle dog who will be kind to me.  Learning to play has been my number one job at my foster home and I feel I am mastering it.

The other thing we get to do at my foster home is go to the dog park.  I LOVE the dog park.  There is so much room for me to RUN!  I run so hard that my foster mom said I sound like a horse.  I like feeling the wind on my face! A nice-sized yard to run in or regular visits to the dog park would be very good for me.

I have NEVER gone potty in the house.  When I first came to my foster home, my foster mom would put me in a crate at bedtime.  I barked a couple of times, and she would tell me to go to sleep and I would settle down and sleep throughout the night.  After a few nights, my foster mom let me sleep in the people bed.  That’s my favorite.  I can jump right up and snuggle and sleep throughout the night.  When my foster mom leaves the house, she lets me roam free.  I’ve been a very good girl and haven’t chewed or torn up anything. However, I will check out the counters to see if she accidentally left some pizza for me.  I got lucky with that once or twice and got some free pizza, but I put the blame on her.  She knows I like pizza, why would she leave it in a place where I can get it?

One thing I don’t like is storms.  There has only been one small one since I’ve been at my foster home, but I was very clingy when the storm was moving through.  

My doggie friends at this house have taught me to bark.  I will bark if someone is out in the yard or if someone comes in the house.  I only do it because everyone else is doing it.  When I’m at the dog park and a new dog comes in, I will bark if I’m close to the action, but that’s all I do.  I don’t run after them or try to cause trouble. I just bark.  

My foster mom says that I am bad on a leash.  Sorry!  I don’t think I was on one much at my original home. When we go outside, there’s so much to explore, I want to get to it. However, I know I will catch on and be a good girl. As we mentioned at the top of my story, I’m ALMOST perfect.  I do know sit and would be able to learn other commands if you take the time to teach me.  

I am so very loving and snuggly. I hope that my story has touched your heart, and you would be willing to give me a forever home.  

I am fostered in the Cincinnati area.  If you are interested in letting me join your family forever, please contact LWR…..