Louisville Weimaraner Rescue, Inc., is a non-profit corporation, which has 501(c)(3) taxable contribution status with the IRS. Our mission is to find permanent, responsible owners for Weimaraners that come to our rescue through area shelters or private owners that, because of various situations, are unable to continue to keep their dogs.

The entire LWR staff are unpaid and do what we do because we care for the breed of dog that we all love so much. There are no salaries being written, but there are great continual needs of the organization.  There are many volunteers that provide loving and caring, yet temporary foster homes in the interim while a Weim is being found a new forever home.


Please visit the Adopt a Weim Section….We strongly recommend that you read About the Breed and take the Are our ready for a Weimaraner Quiz BEFORE you decide to adopt a Weimaraner.  The information provided will give you a clear understanding of the breed and its requirements which will help you make the right decision for you and your family.

The first step in helping us find a family for a wonderful rescue dog is to fill out an application for adoption. This helps us by providing information about you, your home, your family, and gives us a general idea of what you are looking for in a family friend.  We serve the KY, IN, OH, WV areas.

Please do not be impulsive in adopting a dog. Choosing a lifetime companion is a very important decision and not one to be done in haste. The Weims in our program are our first priority. We must be sure they are placed in homes where they will be loved and properly cared for. Some of these Weims have already been in multiple homes and our goal is to make sure they will not be moved around anymore.


Please visit the Foster A Weim section. We desperately need foster homes as there are more Weims needing homes than we have places for them.  When you foster, you agree to take a homeless Weimaraner into your home and give him or her the love, care and attention, either for a predetermined period of time or until the dog is adopted.  LWR pays for all vetting and medical expenses, collars and leashes.

We need fosters because we do not have a physical shelter and depend upon foster homes to care for our rescued Weimaraners until suitable homes are found.  You should consider fostering as it is one of the mnost rewarding experiences you can have.

Welcome a rescued weimaraner into your family and help us find them a permanent home.


Louisville Weimaraner Rescue, Inc. is always looking for volunteers to help out. There are many ways you can make a difference in the life of a rescued weimaraner. This could be as simple as donating towels and blankets or as proactive as becoming a foster family. We often have to move dogs from place to place. Help us transport dogs in need of a move. We also can use volunteers to help socialize, walk, or just spend time with rescued dogs. Even a small amount of time will be a great value to us.


Many expenses are involved in the pre-adoption process such as food, toys, medical or emergency care, insurance premiums, and ever-rising transportation  costs. These costs continue to increase. It is because of contributions like yours that we are able to do many great things for Weims. You may make a direct monetary donation to us through our DONATE link.