foster-home-imageLouisville Weim Rescue takes great pride in being able to accept and place most of the requests we get for Weims to come into our program – whether from shelters or owner relinquishments. We service Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and  WV.  Our foster homes provide sanctuary for our rescued Weims and we can only save as many lives as we have foster homes.  Louisville Weim Rescue provides the food/treats, collars, leashes, medicine, veterinary costs, crates, and supplies.  YOU provide love and care.

The number of calls we are receiving this year are much higher than last year. On any given day, we have Weims waiting in shelters to come in and we are very concerned that we will not have a place to put them in time. We also have a waiting list for owner relinquishments which seems to grow every day. We simply have no additional space to put these Weims and this is not just our group.  Over the past year, many organizations in the Weim industry are in survival/disaster mode. If you have considered fostering a Weim, there is no better time! Consider your friends and family, might they be interested?

Why do we need foster homes?
We don’t have a physical shelter and depend on foster homes to care for the Weims coming in until suitable homes are found.  Many Weims show signs of stress such as pacing or hiding in the shelter or boarding facility and benefit from a home environment.

Fostering provides the Weim more opportunities for socialization, exploration, and expressing a wide range of normal behaviors that are difficult to achieve when the animal remains in a shelter or in their previous home….or a Weim may need to recover from surgery, illness or injury and need a safe place to recuperate

Why should I foster a Weim?
Fostering a Weim is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. Each Weim is unique. Each foster Weim brings its challenges, but the benefits to both the Weim and the foster family are huge. By taking an animal in need into your home temporarily you:

  • Make a Difference – Giving a Weim the time he needs to be ready for adoption by socializing the Weim to a good home environment, getting him used to being around other pets and different types of people, and paying attention to his special needs gives him a better chance at finding his forever home.

  • Provide Insight – Helping the rescue learn more about the Weim so he can end up in the best home possible.

  • Have a Trial Run – Fostering is an opportunity to “sample” different kinds of Weims and what it’s like to have one if you’re not yet ready to commit forever.

  • Get Entertainment – You’ll never be bored! There is always something to do with your foster from cuddling to playing fetch to training.

  • Feel Pride – Getting a homeless Weim ready for adoption by giving your love, time, and friendship is such a rewarding feeling.

  • Join the Community – Make new friends by fostering! It’s a great way to meet new people who care about animals.

  • Save Lives – Opening your heart and home is an important part of saving a life. Fostering a Weim is one of the most direct ways you can help an animal.

Yes, it can be emotionally difficult to see the Weim you fostered move into their new home, but our adoptive homes are wonderful and you will feel so proud to have SAVED a Weim’s life and given a family their new forever pal. Bringing Weims and people together is simple when you give each animal — regardless of special need– a brighter future through fostering.

Fostering also comes with the benefits that we give ourselves.  By opening our hearts and home to a homeless Weim, even for a very short time, we feel a sense of accomplishment.  When our duty has ended for each Weim, we can be happy knowing how much difference we made.  The commitment to fostering is as important to you as it is to the animal.  You have shown compassion in ways most only wish they could.  By adopting, you save one Weim, by fostering, you save many!  

Below are links to our Foster Home Application and our Volunteer Waiver Agreement.  If you are interested in fostering, both need to be completed.    The Foster Home Application is a form that can be completed and submitted online.  The Waiver Agreement is a PDF that must be printed, completed, and faxed to 812-2456-0249 or emailed back to us at 

LWRI Volunteer Waiver Agreement